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Importance of Home Generator Maintenance

Prolonged Generator Lifespan

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your standby generator in top shape to prolong its lifespan. By caring for the equipment, your Generac will serve you for years to come and can save costly repairs or replacements.

Improved Efficiency

Well-maintained home standby generators operate more efficiently, consuming less fuel and generating more power. This can lead to significant savings on fuel costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Safety and Reliability

Preventative maintenance is not only more efficient but also safer and more reliable. Regular maintenance helps prevent accidents and breakdowns so your generator is ready to provide power when you need it most.

GenMonitor by Generator Supercenter of Peabody

Overview of GenMonitor

GenMonitor is a state-of-the-art generator monitoring system designed to help you stay on top of your generator’s maintenance and performance. By using advanced technology and intuitive features, GenMonitor makes it easy to keep your generator running smoothly and efficiently.

Key Features

Real-Time Monitoring

GenMonitor offers real-time monitoring, providing up-to-date information on your generator’s status, performance, and maintenance needs. This allows you (and us) to make informed decisions and address issues before they become problems.

Automatic Alerts

With GenMonitor, you’ll receive automatic alerts if your generator experiences any issues, such as low fuel levels or a need for maintenance. This ensures you can address these concerns promptly and keep your generator running optimally.

Customizable Settings

GenMonitor’s customizable settings allow you to tailor the system to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the information and alerts most relevant to you and your generator.

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Steps for Proper Generator Maintenance in Peabody, MA


Regular inspections are a crucial part of generator maintenance. Generator Supercenter of Peabody's professionals will check your generator for signs of wear and tear, corrosion, and potential issues that could lead to problems. By catching these issues early, you can prevent costly repairs and ensure your generator remains in peak condition.


Keeping your generator clean is essential for its performance and longevity. Generator Supercenter of Peabody will remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can hinder your generator's efficiency and cause damage over time.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

To keep your generator running smoothly and efficiently, it's vital to establish a regular maintenance schedule. Generator Supercenter of Peabody can help you develop a maintenance plan tailored to your generator's needs, considering factors such as usage, environment, and manufacturer recommendations.

Let Us Perform Maintenance Now Before a Replacement is Needed

Let Us Perform Maintenance Now Before a Replacement is Needed

Home Generator Maintenance FAQs

The frequency of inspections depends on your standby generator usage and manufacturer recommendations. However, it’s generally a good idea to have your Generac inspected at least once a year or more frequently if it’s heavily used.

While the owner can do some basic maintenance tasks, having a professional handle more complex tasks is recommended. Generator Supercenter of Peabody’s experienced technicians can ensure your generator is properly maintained and safe to operate.

GenMonitor by Generator Supercenter of Peabody will provide real-time information on your generator’s performance and maintenance needs. Additionally, if you notice any unusual sounds, smells, or performance issues, it’s essential to contact a professional for an inspection.

Generator Supercenter of Peabody specializes in working with Generac Generators. They can help you find the best Generac solution for your specific needs and provide maintenance services to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Generator Maintenance

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