Choosing to buy a Generac generator as your source of backup power is a very wise move indeed. However, you can only see the full benefits of the unit when it has been correctly installed using proper resources. Seeking professional generator installation in Massachusetts is the best solution by far.

While skilled DIY enthusiasts may feel confident and capable wiring a generator to an electrical panel and connecting the unit to their property, here are just some of the tips and the reasons why your generator installation should be completed by an expert.

It’s not legal

Firstly, completing a generator installation means working with natural gas. It is illegal to install or modify any generators on a gas line in Massachusetts as per the state codes. Besides, an improper installation connecting your generator to your house to take over your electrical systems can create hazardous situations. During power outages, a DIY install could cause explosions or other safety problems that compromise the well-being of your property and family.

Furthermore, a professional installer, like found on Power Generation Nation will be familiar with all codes, ordinances, and restrictions to ensure that the assignment can be completed in the smoothest fashion. Moreover, the benefits of professional installation outweigh installation costs.

Side-by-side comparison of a Generac Generators and Cummins Generators comparing reliable backup power and the generator engine

DIY methods invalidate warranties

Generac is a trustworthy manufacturer championed for producing some of the most reliable home generators on the market. However, there is always a small chance that there could be a fault with the item or that problems will surface during the warranty period. Sadly, warranties on generators are only valid when the product has been correctly installed. If you make mistakes during a DIY generator installation, it will be lost.

Worse still, an incorrect installation could one day cause the entire home power system to start shorting out. Or you could encounter overheating with the unit itself. Save yourself the headache and ensure you are hiring a professional installation service.

Professional generator installation is more efficient

You do not have vast experience of completing generator installations, but the professionals do. And it shows. Aside from possessing the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job quickly, they boast the skills to complete all tasks quickly and safely. Given that time is money, taking the professional installation route is the best option for protecting your finances as well as your home and your sanity.

An expert can complete all necessary post product-installation checks to confirm that the Generac generator product is up and running in style. This leads to safe and efficient unit operations.

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Incorporation into new builds

With the appropriate resources and the right team of experts behind you, it’s possible to install a home standby generator anytime. From permits and planning to installing gas lines, a professional service ensures that the project is completed with care and minimal disruption to your home. Nevertheless, the best time to decide to buy and incorporate a standby generator is when designing a new home. Again, the professional route is the best by far.

From practical designs to logical cost and timeframes, your Generac generator can be integrated into the location blueprints and home construction in a cost-effective way.

Experts can provide maintenance advice

The knowledge that your generator has been installed in the correct way is one thing. However, it is equally pivotal to keep one eye on the long-term condition of your power generator. During the installation process, a friendly expert can counsel you and answer your questions about preventative maintenance. They can also advise and address your questions and needs when it comes to joining a program that ensures your unit is regularly serviced.

Above all else, then, this will deliver the peace of mind that you deserve. Generator Supercenters’ professionally trained experts can come out and install a generator in style. 

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